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Founded in Europe in 1999, P4Q is original design manufacturer (ODM) of proprietary PV Solar Tracker Controllers (Suntrack®), for which we are the market leaders and high precision diagnostic tests (Qassay) as well as electronics manufacturing services provider for high demanding industries worldwide such as Rail industry, Automotive, Industrial and other.

In 2007, P4Q first introduced the most advanced technology in Solar Tracker Controls in the global market; The first Tracker Controller of its kind – Suntrack® TCU – becoming a world leader.

Today, we continue leveraging our strengths, extensive know-how and decades of experience developing and producing highly engineered products and high-quality electronics manufacturing (EMS).


Continuos innovation

P4Q has continued to invest in world-class Research and Development (R&D) to deliver greater value to customers and expand its portfolio of products and added value services remaining at the forefront of innovation in The Renewable Energy Industry for PV Tracker Controllers, offering the most comprehensive range of products and services in the market.

One of the most significant foundations in P4Q Group growth strategy is the diversification of our activity, portfolio and expansion into different business areas in Healthcare, Renewable Energy, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, along strategic partnerships and collaborations.

To boost its ambitious growth plan, Private Equity Fund Talde, entered its shareholding in 2019, holding majority stake. The management team who are founding members and part of the shareholding, will continue heading the company management.

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