Qassay: Reliable, highly flexible, home use & POC Lateral Flow Reader

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Qassay® Lateral Flow Readers were developed to support our assay development partners and lateral flow test strip manufacturers

At Qassay®, we are on a mission to universalize rapid testing. Thanks to our innovative technology, Qassay enables both qualitative and quantitative diagnostics to be done at home

Best in class sensitivity to detect low analyte detection levels

Easy to use proprietary analysis software and tools to quantify test based on Cloud machine learning and analytics

Rapid 5 second read time

Wide dynamic range to cover a broad range of analyte concentrations and enables identification of assay hook effect

Full access to raw data (test strip images, CSV and Excel) to support data analysis and research needs

Our product ecosystem

Multi-use Disposable Reader

End-to-end ecosystem: composed of state-of-the-art electronic reader (colorimetric & immunofluorescence), mobile application and highly scalable cloud software

Electronic reader

Based on advanced multi-spectral sensor technology combined with state-of-the-art Math Models, Qassay® readers are flexible enough to host any type of lateral flow test, ensuring the highest accuracy, sensitivity, and repeatability.


Math Models & Algorithms

Ad-hoc algorithms to provide a friendly motorless manual extraction experience: Robust algorithms for analyte-agnostic line detection. Strip-wise trained, semi-quantitative and quantitative multi-analyte assay evaluators.

After a short period of training (proprietary technology), and a specific math-programming we are able to generate a model capable of quantifying and qualifying results by line in a single cassette. If you are a manufacturer, request a demo with your own bio-markers.

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Cloud & Data Management

Our reusable reader platform provides our partners with an affordable solution for POC applications needing high precision diagnostics.

There are no moving parts in the reusable reader, reducing the cost and complexity of the device. It is also suitable for qualitative and quantitative applications and a variety of assay detector chemistries.

Qassay® has extensive in-house data security and patient privacy expertise and provides a full range of data management options, cybersecure and with state of the art of encryption methods.

Cloud based

Our proprietary cloud platform utilizes industry leading cloud infrastructure to provide secure storage and access to data. This translates into real value for our partners by mitigating the burden of infrastructure or regulatory implications.


Extreme compliance with cybersecurity and open architecture to other services and systems: Integration with 3rd parties, Laboratories, Hospital Information System, HL7 protocol…

Prevalence maps

Qassay® platform offers the test mapping capabilities in order to ease Institutions prevalency map analysis procedures for quick reaction to an epidemic threat.

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Global Design & Manufacturing Capabilities

P4Q Group, the parent company of Qassay, has specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of electronic products and systems for high-demand industries since 1999. P4Q has global design, manufacturing and service capabilities thanks to its facilities in Europe (Alonsotegi, Spain), North America (Albuquerque, New Mexico) and Asia (Kunshan City, China).

The P4Q Headquarters are located in Alonsotegi (Spain) and the company has also different aftersales support in Chile, Brazil and Mexico.

About us

Founded in Europe in 1999, P4Q is original design manufacturer (ODM) of proprietary PV Solar Tracker Controllers (Suntrack®), for which we are the market leaders and high precision diagnostic tests (Qassay) as well as electronics manufacturing services provider for high demanding industries worldwide such as Rail industry, Automotive, Industrial and other.

In 2007, P4Q first introduced the most advanced technology in Solar Tracker Controls in the global market; The first Tracker Controller of its kind – Suntrack® TCU – becoming a world leader.

Today, we continue leveraging our strengths, extensive know-how and decades of experience developing and producing highly engineered products and high-quality electronics manufacturing (EMS).

P4Q has continued to invest in world-class Research and Development (R&D) to deliver greater value to customers and expand its portfolio of products and added value services remaining at the forefront of innovation in The Renewable Energy Industry for PV Tracker Controllers, offering the most comprehensive range of products and services in the market.

Future Growth

Research & Innovation

Strategic Partners


One of the most significant foundations in P4Q Group growth strategy is the diversification of our activity, portfolio and expansion into different business areas in Healthcare, Renewable Energy, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, along strategic partnerships and collaborations.

To boost its ambitious growth plan, Private Equity Fund Talde, entered its shareholding in 2019, holding majority stake. The management team who are founding members and part of the shareholding, will continue heading the company management.

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